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The mountain god demands silence from all when going past this rock.  If you don't show respect with silence, injuries happen on the mountain.  Now share your rants about your trips to Mt. Hood, pleasant or not.  Just don't forget to respect the rock.

Betty the boarder

December 3, 2016   1:43 pm

You think you got it going on skater boy? No, you don't. You ain't no starboy BEEEOCH!! Looks like you will be riding solo. But still shut up at the rock!


November 12, 2016   8:11 am

I never believe in this stuff. Just keep it going and put your chains on down below Silent Rock you gaper!


October 18, 2016   2:16 am

The only time I left the music playing during my drive past Silent Rock I ended up breaking a few ribs later that day while riding at Meadows.
Shhh... Respect The Rock.


October 6, 2016   7:53 pm

My family has been taking about "quiet rocks" forever. My husband is 52 and he has known about this legend since he was a cubscout in 1st grade. My husband has passed this tradition on to our children and family. We always turn everything off in the car and silence our mouths. We believe in the native american legend.!!!!!! :) It's real

Kenny Ken

June 16, 2016   11:17 am

Ooops. Radio was blaring, kids were noisily chatting until the six year old shouted "silent!" Too late. Uh oh. Spent the day fishing at Trillium Lake where F&W just dumped 3500 trout in the lake. Thought it would be easy fishin'. We didn't catch one dang fish. Should have been quiet...

Traci C.

January 17, 2016   7:50 am

Born and Raised in Portland, growing up we always went to Eastern Oregon camping every summer, and we ALWAYS never talked though Silent Rock, you had to get ready and prepare too so you did not miss it while your parents were driving !! I have taught my kids all about the "don't talk through the rocks" tradition ! When we visit from Michigan (where I live now) and drive over the mountain we never miss our chance to have a few quiet seconds in the car!!!!!

Brian W

January 15, 2016   9:26 am

In high school I was driving down the mountain with some friends and someone accidentally hit the button on the radio. It came on mid-Silent Rock! A day or two later that car broke down. Respect the rock!

Susie D.

January 14, 2016   11:01 pm

Back in the 60s and 70s (S***, I'm old!) it was the Ivy Bear that we seriously and faithfully honored by lifting our feet and shutting our mouths when we passed it. No one wanted to anger the Mountain Gods. Silent Rock came later...but the Gods still demand their homage.


January 15, 2016   1:01 pm

There are many stories about this rock and I am a true Oregonian. Born and raised here. I have heard many stories. From this being the only spot where the mountain was blown up and when making the road a "protester" was on top of the spot we now drive through and he was blown up by mistake. To Karma, to etc... Driving up to Govy with my parents since I was 3 to now in my mid thirties coaching Ski Teams. I always respect the mountain through these rocks and give a moment of silence. Always have and always will.


January 13, 2016   10:31 am

Winter of 1978-79 my friend piped up through the rocks that it was total BS. He broke his leg that day at Meadows.

I learned of the superstition on the ski bus in 1974.

Paul Vermilya

January 12, 2016   10:10 am

Old timers in these parts will know that before there was Silent Rock there was Ivy Bear. Back - many decades ago - before the original Ivy Bear blew over in a storm, the long-standing tradition was you had to pick both feet up off the floor of the car, and not talk - as you passed the Ivy Bear. If you failed at either of these tasks, you were doomed to bad luck on the slopes that day.

I think in frustration - as the Ivy Bear was down for years and years - this venerable tradition was transferred to Silent whom and why is unknown, but that this history should be mere coincidence seems a reach.

Long live Silent Rock!

Corey G

January 12, 2016   9:25 am

Silent Rock is more about respect and good karma than curse avoidance. It's a hugely visible scar that gives us access to one of the best places on earth.

Dickless Rick

January 11, 2016   3:47 pm

All of my friends and family warned me about the rock! "Bad luck comes to those that talk passing the rock!" they said. Unfortunately the instuctions weren't clear enough, dick stuck in ceiling fan


January 11, 2016   2:59 pm

I have talked every time I go passed it on purpose never had bad luck in 5 years

Travis M

January 11   10:24 am

I have never, and will never make a noise passing the great silent rock... HOWEVER. A college roommate of mine from Arizona, decided it would be a good idea to test the myth.... nothing happened on the mountain, but on the way back down my BRAND NEW TIRE blew out....... the only possible reason...... yuppie from AZ disrespecting the Silent Rock Gods..... Serioulsy.... DON'T DO IT

Loud Bill

August 17, 2015   9:54 pm

So, I am a loud person almost all of the time. But I dont test the rock. Never have and never will.


July 31, 2015   8:57 pm

while going on a rafting trip on the deschuets river we had to make the trip around silent rock! my parents had no idea about silent rock and they laughed when i told them to be quiet! they talked and while rafting the boat behind us had flipped over in a possible life threatining cituation, we did help them but i feel the rock was just warning us. SSSSHHH!

Jamie K

July 3, 2015   1:02 pm

Hi guys, anyone want to be quiet and go play in the mountains? I'll bring the bikini and you bring the PBR? Let's go now.


June 20, 2015   11:27 am

It is not true, make some noise dammit. I've been up so many times and have never had an issue. Silent Rock rules though.


April 17, 2015   9:41 am

My friend yacked and he got a 500 dollar ticket

Sarah B.

December 24, 2014   10:02 pm

Merry Christmas all of you Silent Rock peeps. Let the snow fall and the Christmas cheer begin :-)


November 28, 2014   11:16 am

Just try a snowboard grandpa, you might like it

Poopy pants

November 12, 2014   1:36 pm

Need snow right now dammit. What the hell!! I do not want to be quiet.

Fat Tim

September 2, 2014   4:14 pm

Summer is over dammit. I have passed through Silent Rock a few times on my way to the mtn and I shut up. Stay quiet and the day will go the way you want it to. It is real, trust me.


August 16, 2014   11:06 am

Do not test the rock. I forgot to turn my radio down and went climbing. Bad idea. My cramp on came loose and took a chunk out of my leg, not good. The rock will show no mercy. My leg hurts.

Norm W

July 2, 2014   2:34 pm

When in my car if you talk during Silent Rock you must pull down your pants and run around the car three times to end the curse.

Jimmy Joe

May 25, 2014   4:12 pm

The snow didn't come right away but we finished strong. What a blast. We love you Mt Hood. Be quiet at Silent Rock though.

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